Time Wasters

I’m thinking about posting these once a week or so. I can save posts as drafts, and thus just drop links in a new post as I run across them, and post after reaching a critical mass. Handy.

I am no longer a “gamer”, and frankly, never really was one (except for sega and snes football and hockey in the early 90’s), but stuff like this gets my juices flowing.

I have no idea who I’ll be supporting in ’08. In the meantime, I’ll post interesting political clips like this: Obama on the war in 2002 (via Andrew Sullivan). I’ll try to be substantive with political posts, and not bother with silly things like Bush dropping a basketball or Gore’s electricity bill. Funny stuff of course, but it’s too easy not to be thinking critically during these critical times. In any case, there’ll be plenty of fluff otherwise.

Good for Lincoln Chafee to bring this up.

And finally, where do you stand politically?

I’ve always enjoyed maps and geography, even after getting stuck doing a report on “Upper Volta” in seventh grade (which had recently suffered a military coup and changed it’s name to Burkina Faso– imagine the 13 year old stress of finding zero sources on Upper Volta at the local library…actually, imagine having to do research at your local library…). Anyway, here are some neat maps— #75-78 are especially interesting.

The straight dope is a precursor to Yahoo answers and all those other “answer” sites. Good stuff.

Slate offers a nice diversity of topics– something for everyone. But I’m mostly posting this one for the funny image.


2 Responses to “Time Wasters”

  1. 1 jwagon Thursday, 1 March, 2007 at 15:43

    Text of the Multilateral Use of Force Authorization Act:


    Voting roll call for the Multilateral Use of Force Authorization Act.


    A few notables in that list: Big Mouth Schumer; Clinton; Edwards; and perhaps most interesting of all is Feingold, who has otherwise been a voice of reason.

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