Time Wasters

Is making a Meez as creepy as those dancing elf-with-your-picture bits that were all the rage this past Christmas?

I can’t decide if this poem is brilliant, a more sanguine version of Jeff Foxworthy, flippant in simplifying matters, or all of the above. But for sure, it’s thought-provoking. (via Thomas Friedman at NYT)

David Brooks on Bill Richardson. It makes sense to me that senators almost never win presidental elections (recently), considering how partisan they end up behaving in congress, marching mindlessly in lockstep with their party. It is too polarized, and attempts at centrism (even genuine) end up looking fake (see Hillary and McCain).

Apparently Bangkok now has clean air. I’ll believe it when I can see (through) it…

The neurobiology of sporting talent. A fascinating (but long) article. I want my son to be an athlete. No secret of that. Reading this, I now know how to make him a successful female Russian tennis star, for what that’s worth.

Conditions appear to be better in India when women in remote areas are given control and power. Conversely, conditions are better in my household when I’m given remote control power…

The 80’s were glory days for the NBA…especially if you grew up in Southern California. Here’s one of the best moments, Magic’s junior-junior skyhook. (via The Sports Guy)

Even if you never played soccer, you ought to be able to appreciate just how cool this goal is.


1 Response to “Time Wasters”

  1. 1 CG Wednesday, 7 March, 2007 at 12:17

    That poem isn’t satirical at all if you live in the Middle East. Check out the Egyptian response to the Wash Post op-ed criticizing the four year prison sentence for a Cairo blogger.


    The charge against the blogger: Insulting the President.

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