Kirstin is not German

Kirstin and I were married last April. Amusingly, many of my relatives were convinced she was German, not American (in fact, she’s no more than 1/4 German).

But the confusion was quite understandable, considering:

1. She was born in Germany
2. She lived in Germany through a good part of her childhood
3. She can speak (some) German
4. Her last name is Achenbach

After much coaxing, I think I convinced most of my relatives of her origin and ancestry, in spite of the compelling evidence to the contrary.

Then, a few months later, we moved to Germany. While visiting some relatives in India, K received more questions (do you still have relatives there, etc.). More coaxing, and the German rumors were assuaged.

Anyway, this past week, two notable events:

1. Kirstin’s sister arrived in Germany with husband and family, and will be living nearby for several months.
2. Kirstin’s cousin, who moved to Germany last fall, got married to a German man.

I must say, Kirstin and her family are not making things easy in my quest for ancestral clarity. And the clincher is that K’s dad is an amateur genealogist…specializing in German ancestry. Sigh.

Anyway, this is a meandering lead in to Cindy’s wedding last week. It was a very nice affair. Here are a couple of pics, Grampy with 1/3 of his dream starting lineup for the 2029 Red Sox, and the happy couple.

The Cousins— Ruben (one month) with Grampy and cousins Barrett (age three) and Johnny (six months…seriously)

The Happy Couple–Cindy and Joerg


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