Two johns are better than one?

This weekend, three adults, (Kirstin, her sister and me) squared off against a most formidable opponent– three children. I think we fought them to a stalemate, but boy are we looking forward to reinforcements next week.

On Sunday, we took the approach of divide and conquer, with my taking three year old Barrett (aka Bear) with me on a series of errands. After a few hours of excitement, we stopped by my office so I could squeeze in a little work. As I typed away, Barrett was semi-content watching his portable DVD player, along with occasionally sneaking around and messing with various office objects.

All of a sudden, I hear Bear say “I have to go bathroom”, and turn around to find he’s already pulled his pants down. Crikies!

An aside: Barrett at one point had learned pseudo-toilet training. That is, he would not go when naked until he was on the toilet. Unfortunately, he would go as long as he was wearing something, whether it be diaper, shorts, tuxedo…

I’m at work and don’t want to carry the naked Bear down the hall to the bathroom, nor am I excited about pulling his pants up, if this causes him to let loose. After a brief glance at the flowerpot and other potential containers in the room, I opt for pant restoration and a swift gallop to the bathroom.

We made it ok (hooray for potty training), and I get him situated on the toilet. The bathroom in question used to be designed for multiple occupants, but partitions were removed at some point to provide handicap accessibliity. The end result is a single room with a urinal and two toilets facing and in full view of one another. Think of it as dueling toilets.

Anyway, Barrett is clam-happy, doing his business on toilet #1. Since he seems to be occupied, I decide to use the urinal while I wait (making the best of a *** situation). No sooner do I start that I hear “that toilet is small. It’s for small people.” Bear leaps off toilet #1, trots over, and climbs up on toilet #2, and continues his business, singing to an increasing crescendo “this toilet is for small people. I love it! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!!!”

Amazingly, no mess was made even with the multiple deposits. I’m that much more amazed considering Bear’s diet largely consists of raisins and waffles…


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