Time Wasters

Ben Stein posts an article, appropriately enough, on winning and money.

I’ve always argued for a “marginal utility theory of leftovers”. That is, you reach a point during any good meal where you’re better off packing the rest away, even if still hungry, as your enjoyment of that food will be greater later that night when your real hunger returns. Few things make me happier than pizza hut in the fridge at 1130 at night, or 8 the next morning. Well, there’s apparently some science behind this notion.

When food or drugs are tainted, companies can order a recall. But how to do so with surgical implants? Perhaps Mola Ram from Temple of Doom can be consulted…

Bill Maher has taken the baton from Dennis Miller. (via Andrew Sullivan)

NY Times “timeselect” articles are now free for .edu email holders (via Instapundit and CG).

A well-rounded profile of Rudy Giuliani.

A friend of ours here, who was an officer deployed in Afghanistan, vents about the state of the war.

Stanley Fish discusses the establishment clause (the 18 March post).

I’m 6’2″ and can barely touch the rim these days. Sigh.


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