The Prodigal Grandson

More pics of the little one, courtesy of Patti and Tha Tha (the Tamil words for granny and gramps). The G’rents are both “vaaya pallunthu” (big smiles) and showering Ruben with undivided attention…even crossword puzzles are being neglected! Much like the yogurt we left in the fridge from their last visit, Ruben runs a real risk of being spoiled. At the very least he smells just as bad. But after feedings you can see those neurons firing– he craves activity and stimulation, and my parents are more than up to the challenge. It’s a match made in heaven.

And by the way, Ruben’s hair is definitely brown, even if these pictures make it appear otherwise.

As far as my hair (had been wearing a hat, and too lazy to comb it at the time), and my recent dearth of posting…the new job has been good so far, but is making serious encroachments on my free time. Rest assured, I am hyper-motivated and a workaholic when it comes to carving out room to be lazy and slack (and quite proud of this skill, despite the nonsensical and paradoxical nature of such a stance), so I’ll soon return to my yarn-creating, link-updating, pontificating ways.

Enjoy the latest pics…

More pics of Ruben


1 Response to “The Prodigal Grandson”

  1. 1 al Saturday, 14 April, 2007 at 22:38

    only nerds say dearth.

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