Ruben day 75– Japan

Ruben’s first international trip was to Japan– a whirlwind 10 day tour to wrap up my Asia DE role and train my successor, participate in a series of meetings, enjoy Asia’s 50th anniversary commencement ceremony, and catch up with several dear friends and colleagues.

I’m glad K and Ruben were able to come along, though it was up in the air til…er…we were up in the air. K picked up Ruben’s passport the day before our flight, after several weeks of trying to secure it. Apparently, holding up my own enormous, misshapen head next to his would not have served as a valid form of ID…

Ruben’s coordination is increasing, now that he’s finally unclenching his fists (believe it or not, we’ve needed to peel his fingers open and clean out lint from the crevices periodically).

As far as the video, enjoy the increased alertness, along with a bonus Forrest Gump + son moment at the end (brought on by overindulgence the night before at karaoke).


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