Ruben Day 111–the giggle

Ruben continues to improve his verbal abilities. He’s recently discovered that he possesses Tarzan-like skills, and belts out ear-piercing calls when he gets bored, or just for kicks. As painful as the shrill calls can be–and they most certainly are– Ruben does it with a smile so it’s hard to be mad at him…even after my ears have started bleeding…

But when you pay attention to him it’s all worth it. When entertained, Ruben’s taken to giggling…most adorable. You get a snippet on this video, as well as catching a glimpse of AK’s current favorite toy, the Lufthansa bird, who gives me an excuse to screech myself. It’s a vicious cycle, as my screeches may be reinforcing Ruben’s screams, and vice versa. All fun and games until someone loses an ear…


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