Ruben day 124– the domestication

I am shabby. Ruben traveled to Strasbourg, France and stayed at a restored chateau, did lots of galavanting around Heidelberg, rolled over twice (and we’re pretty sure the second time was intentional), celebrated mommy’s birthday, and did not “go” for three days, followed by an adult-like “deposit” …and I’ve captured none of it on video, film, or prose. I stink for having slacked so much…though not as much as the aforementioned deposit. Yuck.

Anyway, this video reveals the domestication of grampy and the sons-in-law, tasked to “take the tots away” to give the moms some quiet time. We were pleased with our nerdy return– in flight formation or “City Slickers” triumph depending on your frame of reference. But I’m particularly chagrined at my shabbiness– dressed in a red t-shirt (I was out of clean t-shirts, honest– I’m a bad, bad Cal grad). And worst of all, while I came up with the spontaneous wrong turn that had good humor potential, I didn’t hit the punchline with a Mr. Bean-like reaction to my folly. This is not the AK I know. And now I’m referring to myself in the third-person. For shame.

And yes, there are a couple seconds of Ruben near the end. I’ll try to film more of our blog’s subject this weekend.


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