Ruben day 135– the faux rollover

Ruben’s showing relatively little interest in rolling over. He’s done it a couple of times, but otherwise is skipping ahead to pseudo-inchworming, where he crawls forward by lifting his butt and sliding. Unfortunately, his right side remains stronger than his left, which means even when we wants to inch straight-ahead, he ends up drifting left.

My latest pastime, both amusing and insensitive, is to watch him try to push towards a toy and get progressively further away, and not understand why. Eventually he lays his face flat into the ground in a position of total defeat. It reminds me of early 80’s computers, where rather than the blue screen of death, with computer crashes you’d be given a choice of Abort, Retry, or Fail. The best choice, and usually the only one, was “Fail”.

Anyway, no schadenfreude here…just some rollover attempts, which cousin Johnny and Oma looking on.


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