Ruben Day 172– Born to roll

There is joy in mudville, as mighty Ruben has tuckered out. After almost six months of tossing and turning and a general Jeckyll and Hyde approach to day and night, we moved Ruben to his own room a few days ago. Whether coincidence or a magic elixir, Ruben has discovered the joy of sleep. Two nights in a row of sleeping from 830PM til about 6AM with no nighttime feedings, and little crying. We are ecstatic, and cautiously optimistic that he’s turned a corner.

Also, we started the boy on solids recently, and he’s taking those like a champ as well. I remain convinced we could feed him burritos and masala dosa and he’d devour them without hesitation. In any case, the solids are likely helping with his nighttime sleep, and that’s just fine by us.

Most importantly, we don’t feel like hostages in our own bedroom at night, afraid to make even the slightest noise lest we rouse the slumbering beast. Candidly, that underlying tension was in many ways more tiring than the frequent wakeups. But huzzah– I can now form a cocoon (1) or extend the leg (2) with impunity.

1 & 2– I’m a big fan of sleep, and believe the best ancillary benefit is being cold, getting into a bed and forming the hermetically sealed cocoon with your blanket, keeping cold air and monsters at bay. Almost as good– on summer nights, getting too hot in one’s cocoon and decisively extending the leg, breaking the seal and exposing your body to cool, refreshing air. I hope Ruben learns the joy of these soon.

Anyway, Ruben has increased his coordination more still, and can roll over with relative ease:


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