Ruben Day 183– Harry Potter and the Deathly Colon

I finished Harry Potter # 7 this morning…and am emotionally spent. It really lived up to expectations, and for now, is my favorite of the series. Quickie rank order, best to worst: 7, 3, 4, 6, 5, 2, 1.

To be clear, the first book was the worst of this series, but only because JK was still getting the hang of things…and the rest of the books were just that good. Book #1 still ranks 20 parsecs ahead of Star Wars episode #1. Dobby would eat Jar Jar for breakfast.

Anyway…Ruben is keen on sitting up these days…but he doesn’t have the chops (or the lats) to keep it up for long. So we need to provide protection for his already lumpy head before he topples over, and then assist the young lad in sitting back up– otherwise he howls like Lupin with a full moon.

The other day, trying desperately to get back up on his own, face strained and flushed, he let out a huge fart. Sadly, he’s too young to appreciate the humor.

And today, at the chiropractor (he’s still a bit crooked), Ruben was naked and getting his hips massaged, and I guess he got…er…too relaxed. They said it was the first time any kid had done #2 during a session.

Ruben continues to sleep well (all night nine days counting now!!), and when he’s not sleeping, chances are he’s eating or dumping, doing the latter two-three times a day! I suppose I’m glad he’s so regular. I guess we have ourselves our own Harry Pooter


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