Ruben Day 200– A crawl to arms

Ruben is fast approaching the crawling stage. On his hands and knees, he rocks back and forth, and definitely seems strong enough to begin crawling soon. Then again, though he’s physically capable of rolling over, and probably able to sit up on his own, his preferred method is to screech and wait for one of us to come over and assist him. He (and babies in general, I’ve read) is more likely to self-entertain, and try different movements when he thinks he’s alone–as soon as he spots someone nearby, he makes sure to get their attention. As far as who’s training who, he’s clearly in control at the moment.

Sleep update– it’s safe to declare moving Ruben to his own room a resounding success. Ruben goes to sleep now at 830PM, with minimal fanfare, and doesn’t get up til about 6AM. Even if he doesn’t go to sleep immediately, he seems to look forward to this evening time in the crib, babbling and cooing, enjoying his alone time. Downstairs, glasses of wine in hand, we enjoy it as well.

Ruben’s naps, on the other hand, still leave something to be desired. He’s been better, but still sometimes gets up after only half an hour (too short for little tykes), and then screams for an hour instead of going back to sleep– and boy can he be loud. Our neighbors, two doors down, hear him on a regular basis. They are the ones with the eight month old twins who are able to sleep seemingly anywhere. We’re only a little lot jealous…

As far as the video, note that while Ruben has a plethora of interesting toys, predictably he’s most intrigued by inappropriate things like the empty wet-wipes wrapper and telephone. I can’t wait til he’s old enough to swordfight with empty wrapping paper tubes.


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