Ruben Day 264– the beatbox

Now that Ruben trucks around with his newfound crawling abilities, he’s finding there’s lots of interesting things in this new world (the world being the 10 square meters of our living room, and occasionally sites beyond). He was already a bit of a chatty cathy, but now he can’t contain himself, alternating between plaintive wails of “ahhhh”, and a more meaningful contribution, “ba”. He strings together “ba’s” like he’s part of an a capella group, and uses the seemingly innocuous syllable to communicate all manner of emotion:

Hungry? BAAAA
Curious? BaaaAA?
Frustrated? BAAaaa
General merriment? BaaaaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAAAaaaaaaaa…

He’s also starting to pull himself up on his own, as you’ll see in the video.


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