A long hiatus, but we’re back

Well, it’s been a very busy month. Since our last update, we did our big move downtown (the details of which I don’t care to relive anytime soon!), and surprised my mom for her 60th birthday with a one week cruise to Greece and Croatia (the details of which I wish I could relive immediately!). Our new place is awesome, and if any of you needed another excuse to visit (as if Ruben and Europe weren’t enough), our new place should put you over the top…the top of the Hauptstrasse that is.

Ruben pulls himself up and stands quite regularly, and cruises some too (“cruising”, for the non-parental, is taking steps while hanging onto something, like a table or couch). He is loud and chatty, with a whole array of nonsense syllables available for him to dole out as he so chooses. “Ba” of course remains his favorite, and ours too…I find myself using it when lifting heavy things. Regression.

As far as video, unfortunately none at the moment, as I’m not sure where the camera is…unpacking is almost done however, so it’s sure to be located soon. In the meantime, DPK has produced clutch photo album with commentary from our trip, with plenty of Ruben sightings. Enjoy:

Cruise 2007 Pictures


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