Ruben Day 309– the mobility

Ruben is not walking yet, but we are starting to realize what we are in for (for what we are in? in for what we are? damn you prepositions!).

Winston Churchill (via Shirish via his dad) had this zinger, upon being questioned about the importance of not ending sentences in prepositions, “That is the sort of nonsense up with which I shall not put!”

Anyway, back to the soon-to-be-ambulatory one– he can crawl surpringly fast. I tried going with him once, but on our hardwood floors it’s absolute misery. He can also pull himself up and bounce a bit, and occasionally cruise from side to side. This stage lasts for a while sometimes, so it’s not like he’ll be walking and running tomorrow. And, as far as we’re concerned, that’s just fine, cause he can get into everything just fine on all fours. Mobility makes things more complicated.

As one would expect, he eschews his many toys for his favorites, power strips and wall outlets. I’m surprised they don’t make toys in the shape of these taboo items– they’d probably be a huge hit.

Apologies for the lighting in this video. Our new place has large rooms, and that combined with power saving light bulbs means less than crystal clear viewing. We’ll be getting some additional lamps, and shoot more strategically next time.

And since it’s stuck in our head, it should be in yours too: mama don’t you tickle my tickle my toes. Mama don’t you tickle my ticklish toes…


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