Ruben Day 313– the graceful

Steve, Conny and Linnea (Lynn-A-uh) visited this past weekend, and Ruben (and we) got a taste of life as an ambulatory toddler. Linnea the limber (~15 months) glides around like something out of a Fred Astaire movie, and her flexibility makes me think she may be made of rubber, bending and squatting into gravity-defying positions without falling over.

Ruben, on the other hand, reminds me of someone trying to rollerskate or snowboard for the first time, moving along semi-steadily, but always in danger of toppling over with the slightest distraction. These topples are becoming more regular as Ruben gets more adventurous…which is fine except that he’s figured out that the toppling can elicit sympathy, so he’s starting to sucker the nearest bystander with his crocodile tears. Watch the ham in action below:


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