Ruben Day 343– Welcome to 2008

Hope everyone had a nice holiday. One of my new year’s resolutions is not to let this blog slip, despite the dearth of comments and feedback (cue violins).

Ruben has now been in ten countries in his first year: Germany, France, Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Croatia, and this last week in Austria. I tried to make quick driving detours to Luxumbourg and Lichtenstein to give Ruben the parsimonious 12 in 12 months, but K provided the voice of reason. Or alternatively–feel free to sing it– every party needs a pooper…speaking of which:

Although it was a fun and eventful holiday, Ruben discovered one of life’s great annoyances: the winter bug…three times over (and counting?).

To start, he caught some stomach bug just as we went into break, which made him, shall we say, loose. I think he went nine times in one day (Nine times…). And cause he’s a lanky lad, we struggle in deciding between size 3 and size 4 diapers. Size 3 is appropriate for his waist, but not his, ahem, waste, especially during such bouts. So size 4 it is, but with the sickness, some of his outfits became disposable as well. Se la vie, or se la pee, as it were…

In Austria, Ruben got a chance to experience daycare, allowing daddy and mommy some quality time to snowboard and ski, respectively. Barrett and Johnny were there as well, and three of them had some great bonding time, first at our place for Christmas, and then in daycare.

But, as can happen in daycare, Ruben was exposed to all sorts of ailments, and from what we can tell, he caught every one of them. He again caught a stomach thing, along with a cold/flu that’s left him tired and hoarse, and taken away most of his appetite. This listless, quiet, non-hungry creature is like some kind of Bizarro-Ruben. It’s been tough, as first-time parents, watching him go through this. We feel so helpless at times, watching Ruben cough and cough, looking at us with a perplexed, “make it stop” expression. Boo.

Compounding matters, Barrett, Kirstin and Heidi caught the stomach bug as well, and Rich was starting to feel the effects as we departed Austria. Amazingly, Johnny and I were the sole survivors, which is truly shocking considering the things a 17 -month old puts in his mouth, and my historical propensity for expulsion. As my mom describes it, I had a hair-trigger reflex as a kid: “Ow, I stubbed my toe, bleeeaawch”. I was terrible on flights as well, and have vomited at a whole series of international airports, including while passing through the security scan in the direction of several immigration staff in Tokyo, causing them to flee in a manner not seen since Godzilla was last in town. At least that’s how I imagine it. I was eight.

As to why I didn’t catch either of these stomach bugs…Kirstin’s theory is best: apparently, I’ve already contracted most of the stomach ailments found on this planet…so perhaps I’ve given my weak-stomach days the boot, so to speak.

Anyway, you come here for videos, and videos you shall receive:

First, the three cousins prior to Christmas, ignoring the plethora of interesting and expensive toys for standard little boy fare– the cardboard box:

Next, in our hotel hallway in Austria, the triumverate in action again:

And finally, Ruben with one of his new toys. Baby you can drive my car:


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