Ruben Day 362– almost a year (and that’s the tooth)

After a valient effort, my King Faud nature (not worth explaining) finally came through, and I caught Ruben’s cold. It’s been quite the beast, leaving me with some cacophonic congestion ten days into it. My in-laws have it as well, and as for Ruben, it was close to three weeks before he finally stopped his hacking cough. As the saying goes, I wouldn’t wish this on my enemies.

By the way, is there an equivalent word for “unsightly” referring to sound? Unsoundly? Unaurally? Cacophony was as good I could produce, so to speak.

Anyway, it’s been frustrating, as I was feeling my usual new year’s burst of energy, and this has stopped me, ahem, cold. On the other hand, owing to my fleissig (industrious) father-in-law, I have assisted, minimally, in purchasing a ladder and putting up some curtains and otherwise making our place more livable. Those who know me will agree these aren’t normal AK activities, even for a January.

In other news, we have visual confirmation (and digital– judging by the indentations on my finger) that Ruben finally has his first tooth. He’s been drooling and biting things for months now, but it’s always been a false alarm. Now we have the real thing, front and (bottom) center. Amazingly, Mr. Drool is actually emitting even more of his eponymous stuff– picture Robert Hays sweating in “Airplane!” (the parody film by the Zucker Brothers). We’re talking buckets here. It’s pretty gross.

Most fun about it is I’ve added tooth brushing–literally– to Ruben’s bedtime routine. For baby brushing, one uses a rubber brush that fits over one’s finger like a thimble. With my oafish hands, it only fits over my pinky, so I’m developing abnormal dexterity in said finger. For what that’s worth.

Ruben loves the brushing in any case, partly because it feels good to chew on the brush and my finger, but mostly because he likes the toothpaste, which contains apple and banana flavor but no flouride (as it proudly states on the tube). We are plenty suspicious of this baby toothpaste racket. Reminds me of a classic SNL commercial– tastes great on a cracker!

Ruben’s not walking yet, and frankly showing little interest in it. He stands and cruises without a problem, but when he needs to get anywhere, crawling is his transportation mode of choice. Overall, the rate of milestones slows down considerably as we approach one year, but in a weird way, it accelarates as well. We don’t have the obvious biggies to note (smiling, crawling, etc.), but he is getting smarter and more interactive in a way that is hard to describe but easy to observe if you watch every day. Which we are lucky enough to do.

Anyway, here’s video from today– Ruben and cousin Johnny, with Grampy providing good guidance.


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