Ruben Day 376– Driver’s Ed

Typhoid Ruben just can’t seem to get his immune system on track. Following the stomach bugs and colds he had over the holidays, Ruben picked up pink eye, and now yet another cold. The pink eye was especially disturbing, as he woke up last Sunday morning unable to open his eyes at all for the first few minutes. It was very disturbing, and I have a pic on my cell phone (insensitivity rules!), but I won’t post it, as it’s not for the faint of heart.

Unfortunately the pink eye preempted our birthday party plans, which involved time with his cousins (including cupcakes made by his cousin Barrett). Although Ruben was none the wiser, I was sad to miss out on an opportunity for dessert.

Anyway, he’s recovered from the pink eye but still battling his cold. Between the runny nose and his teething (two and counting!), Mr. Drool is leaving puddles of ooze wherever he goes. Yuck.

Owing to the chronic illnesses, or just the change that comes with toddlerhood, Ruben’s starting to show signs of irritability when he doesn’t get his way. Taking something away elicits some occasional arm-flapping, and larger digressions sometimes result in full-fledged meltdowns. He’s not two yet (or 34 for that matter), but he’s starting to act like it.

Among Ruben’s many clever toys is this pseudo-transformer that changes from a car to a walker. He’s getting practice and soon, maybe, will be venturing off on his own. For now, he’s erratic, and easily frustrated when things don’t go his way. I shortened the clip and spared you from the full meltdown, but you’ll catch a glimpse at the end:


1 Response to “Ruben Day 376– Driver’s Ed”

  1. 1 Yutaka Sunday, 10 February, 2008 at 23:51

    What? Ruben’s assisted-walking already? That’s nutso. The drool does sound kinda yuck, but I figure it’s a part of the circle of life… we all went through that phase before and I’m sure our parents thought it was yuck, too.

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