Ruben Day 390– the Michael Jackson

Ruben’s latest cognitive developments include reliable recognition of items in the room. He can consistently point to everything from the door and window to Einstein (his favorite fridge magnet). It’s been a quick jump from empty smiles to sponge-like absorption of commands. He’s really getting a lot more interesting.

Just when we thought health had returned to the young lad’s life, Ruben has managed to pick up yet another bug. He’s in the congested phase, and between that and the teething (three and counting!), our beloved Mr. Drool– mouth permanently agape– has completed his graduate coursework in soaking himself and all that around him. Congratulations to Dr. Drool, Professor of Salivology…

And regarding the Michael Jackson reference, watch carefully Ruben’s way of “pointing” to himself. Hee hee…


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