Ruben Day 411– the automaton

Most of the videos you see here are taken real-time and unedited. Occasionally though, we’ll have an idea, or set up a scenario to re-enact or trigger something cute/funny/humiliating. Sometimes our plottings work like a charm and sometimes not so much (the not-so-much’s generally don’t see the light of day). Luckily, til now, the misses have been few and far between.

But, Ruben’s apparently been reading up on his Hobbes and less so on his Wachowski, so he’s starting to really behave as if he has free will. Charming as that is, it makes it harder to capture scenes the way I want to shoot them.

Listen to me, brooding youtube artist…

Anyway, this first one reflects one of Ruben’s favorite current pastimes…crawling into closets/boxes/backpacks and throwing out the contents with general disdain. With his puny figure and occasional grunting, it’s a dead ringer for one of my all-time favorite characters and scenes (about 1:10 in). Of course, as many times as Ruben has spotlessly replicated this scene, he refuses to do it while on camera. MMMMmmM, away put your camcorder…I mean you no harm…

And today– Ruben continues to take his eating very seriously, and gets upset if he senses a threat to his alloted portions. On occasion we still find food wedged in his hands, seemingly stashed away in case of some instantaneous famine were to strike. I was trying to elicit his full-blown grumpy hand-swipe when confronted with a feeding interloper here, with mixed results. At least we have a return of the dad-favorite, the Lufthansa bird…


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