Where have you been?

I am genki. It’s the first weekend of the NCAA college basketball tournament, aka March Madness. CBS is showing every game online. As I no longer have American cable, this is a godsend, and I have two laptops set up to watch all the action. Absolute bliss.

And more so since Xavier came back to win, thus saving my bracket from destruction until later this evening.

Anyway, our friend Stephanie found this neat site, where you can plot the countries (and states and provinces) and see where you’ve been.

I’ve been to 34 35 (Ed: forgot North Korea) countries so far, which felt disappointing at first (I thought I’d be closer to a gazillion). But after reflection I’m pretty pleased. Plus, Egypt next month will put me at 35 36, ahead of my age, which should count for something.

Here’s my map


1 Response to “Where have you been?”

  1. 1 aj Tuesday, 25 March, 2008 at 20:21

    i’m almost at 5 countries if i can get to South Africa to visit greg dill.

    i think the duke boys need to take some boxing classes this summer to toughen up for next season.

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