Ruben Day 431– Walk like an Egyptian

Ruben continues to take his time with walking. He’s able to stand on his own, as long as you distract him. Once he realizes it though, he grabs onto something. The scientist in me knows it matters not, but the sportsman in me is quite impatient.

Granted, he is walking with assistance, and as parents know, it’s a backbreaking time since you have to lean at an awkward angle in order to hold your child’s hand. In an attempt to hasten the process, we try to hold only one hand versus two, which results in an odd, sideways lurch, very much resembling poses seen in ancient hieroglyphics.

Not uncoincidentally (cue ham-handed segue), we are off to Egypt today! We are particularly ill-prepared compared to previous trips, having done minimal research and planning. We only made it Thursday to the library to look for guidebooks, and the best we could come up with was Lonely Planet 3rd edition, published in 1994.

Luckily, our friends Casey, Kathleen and baby Andy are there to point us in the right direction. And as Casey rightly notes, Egypt hasn’t changed much since 1494, let alone 1994. The advantage of visiting the really old civilizations is one may be about equally served by the latest tome or by their junior high textbook.

This will be Ruben’s 11th country visited. He’s well on his way to catching the family leader, my Uncle Gopal, who’s at 91 (and counting!).

And since I know it’s running through your head now.


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