Ruben Day 467– bonding with the cousins

As readers know, Ruben shows unparalleled eating prowess, but his sleeping skills leave something to be desired (namely, sleep). We went to great lengths to establish a routine for bedtime and naps, and though by no means perfect, it seemed to do the trick (after six sleepless months).

Of course, the problem with routines is when you look to break them. Last Saturday night we decided to take Ruben to a party and try putting him to sleep in his stroller. I remember falling asleep at dinner parties my parents attended, and my parents having to wake me up, or carry me or my sister out to the car. If it worked then, why not now?

At the appropriate time, we went through Ruben’s bedtime routine, complete with singing, pajamas, milk, and his favorite blanket. We stuck his stroller in a corner and said night night. No crying. Had this been the secret all along?

Half an hour passed, all was quiet, but when we peeked in, like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe story, were those big eyes staring back at us. Again, no crying mind you, just those tell-tale eyes.

An hour passed. Soundless but awake the boy remained.

1.5 hours. Would the boy ever give up? Quoth the Ruben, nevermore!

Finally, two hours later, mighty Ruben passed out. By that point we were defeated as well and called it a night. We took him home, transferred him to his crib, and he stayed asleep through the night. We thought we’d escaped…but we were wrong.

Ruben spent the next few days protesting bedtime with a fury unbridled, screaming until he was sweat-drenched and hoarse. He’s finally returning to normalcy today (I hope), but we are hesitant to deviate from our routine any time soon.

As Kirstin noted, we should have expected this, as Ruben even had difficulty with daylight savings. This doesn’t bode well for our stateside trip next month.

Anyway, here is Ruben with his cousins Barrett (4 yrs) and Johnny (21 months).


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