Ruben Day 483– Noises off

Ruben got to spend a fun week with his cousins Barrett and Johnny. Now that he’s walking, the three of them regularly indulged in that singularly popular game played by all little boys…what Heidi aptly called “running”. It seems to consist of nothing more than motoring up and down the halls and through the rooms, alternately chasing and being chased in some haphazard fashion– if there are rules, they are undetectable to the adult eye.

The only requirements appear to be to keep moving at all times, and to scream at regular intervals. Ruben was a quick study. Regrettably, I don’t have good footage, but given the sounds are still echoing periodically in my head, it’s probably for the best.

I do have some other videos though. First, Ruben and Johnny in dueling toddlers:

And next, Ruben giving the radiator the business:


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