Ruben in the states

Ruben had a great trip to the states, getting quality time with Patti, Tha Tha, Athai and company in LA, a Bates College reunion in Massachusetts, and lakeside revelry with Barrett and Johnny in Vermont. It was an action packed three weeks, and (jet lag aside) he has been sleeping this week like nobody’s business.

We held a traditional Hindu ceremony for Ruben, celebrating his first birthday, while in LA. You’ll see in the pics below he looked regal in his kurtha, and was the deserving center of attention.

Massachusetts was lots of fun, with six members of Bates College class of 96, four spouses, and six kids (five under the age of 17 months). Thanks to Kara and Tim for being insane enough to agree to host this, and then to maintain sanity as we proceeded to run amok for the weekend.

I had to return to work and miss out on Ruben’s week in Vermont. Again, you’ll see it was quality bonding time with cousins Bear and Johnny, along with Grampy, Oma and Aunt Heidi.

In that week, Ruben’s vocabulary “binaried” (went from 0 to 1), as he mastered “Burr” for bird. He still has Ba for Bus, Ball, Banana and many other non-ba items. But, this is his first foray outside of the confines of Ba. I suppose if you’re going to expand, the schwa is a good place to start.

We have a plethora of pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

Our pics

DPK’s pics (lots of Ruben!)

Pics from Magill.

A specific plug here– Magill does professional quality work; some of the pics look like they belong on billboards or magazine ads.

Vermont #1, including Johnny and the Bear

Vermont #2

Vermont #3


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