Ruben Day 563–the obedience

As part of Ruben’s bedtime routine, we’ve pulled off something close to Tom Sawyer conning his friends into whitewashing his fence. Ruben now happily takes it upon himself to put away his books and toys before taking his bath and going to sleep. Since I can’t imagine this lasting more than a couple of weeks, we’ve quickly documented it for posterity’s sake.

Ruben’s word count is up to 5. Important to note he recognizes hundreds, and says different intonations of bah to differentiate among many, but right now if judges were scoring, he’d have “bird”, “bus”, “ball”, “no” (always said in threes and with a Russian accent, as in “nyo nyo nyeh”), and now, “car”. If his learning order is based on frequency or enjoyment, next up should be book, swing or fart…


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