Ruben Day 607– let’s go, mets go…home.

Although I look forward to Ruben really learning to love sports (and no, he won’t have a choice in the matter…), I’m not looking forward to the first time his team lets him down. My Mets blew it again, and although I mentally prepared myself for the last couple of weeks, and don’t care nearly as much as when I was a kid, it still stinks. You hate to see your child in pain…but I’m actually less worried about skinned knees and broken bones than Ruben watching his team rescue defeat from the jaws of victory.

I know…the joy of winning wouldn’t be near as good if you didn’t have these occasional bouts of failure. I just wish the Mets could suck in a less dramatic and more spread-out fashion. Best analogy I read about their sad bullpen…it’s like an elite soccer team opting to play the last 15 minutes with an armless goalie…

Although Ruben can say several words now (including dada!), car remains his favorite. Anything that 1. has wheels, 2. moves smoothly on pavement or 3. is not a bird, animal or parent, is so labeled. Oddly enough, the tamil word “vahndi” does generally apply to any wheeled vehicle, so he’s not as far off as first thought.

Steve and Linnea visited and we enjoyed Heidelberg’s Herbstfest (fall festival). It’s one raucous day on the Hauptstrasse with trinkets, music, food and drink, and it’s a real pleasure to be able to walk out our front door into the festival, and have the option to duck home whenever we felt like it. Last Saturday in September…start planning your visit for next year.

Anyway, video from this weekend…more smooches from Linnea.


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