Ruben Day 661– the crooner

I just spent a few days in Italy for work–next time I complain about my job please remind me of this–and came back to a Ruben of increasing competence. He’s not as verbal as some others I’ve seen at his age, but he’s babbling/speaking a whole lot. At first we thought it was pretty meaningless, but realized his babble is filled with various German commands (e.g., da, nihm). With the handful of Tamil he understands (baneeyan being the latest), he’s a multi-lingual covert sponge.

Ruben had a check up this week. He is 35.8 inches and 28.6 pounds. 50-75th percentile in weight and > 95th percentile in height. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Or banana, as it were.

Politics aside, Obama’s election makes me excited for Ruben’s future prospects. Unlike my arrogant current self, I was plenty insecure growing up. Most of my angst came from being a confused minority child of immigrants, trying to find my place between two very different worlds. I clearly remember feeling certain opportunities were not open to me because of my ethnicity. Looking back, most of it was unfounded…just the rationalizations of a young lad afraid to stick his neck out. Nevertheless, a mutt in the White House means the American Dream is indeed more than a slogan. Corny, I know, but it matters.

In addition to the purposeful speech, Ruben is taking an interest in the arts, having taken up singing and dancing. Enjoy the beginning of Ruben’s a capella career:


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