Ruben Day 670– Portugal

We had a fun Thanksgiving in Portugal (country #14 for Ruben, but who’s dad’s counting). Lisbon is a beautiful city, hilly and filled with small, windy roads. Sort of a cross between San Francisco and Venice, though that doesn’t do it justice. Its cosmopolitan vibe, stemming from the genuinely friendly locals and copious numbers of appreciative ex-pats make it a really charming venue. We enjoyed our time in the city, as well as time along the coast and up north at some world heritage sites. Big thanks to our friend Mary who set things up and took good care of us.

The monestary at Alcobaca had some really impressive architecture. Even more impressive was the macabre tale of King Pedro, who while still a prince suffered through his wife being murdered (due to her Spanish ties). Legend has it, upon ascending to the throne, he had her body exhumed, dressed and placed next to him, and required his subjects to kiss her decomposing hand! Their coffins now sit in the monestary, across from one another. You’ve got to hand it to him. When the going got tough, he didn’t knuckle under.

Obidos is an walled city that, while touristy, still managed to exude a fair bit of charm. It’s smaller and more tightly packed than Rotenburg Rothenburg, and I liked that aspect– it really seemed anachronistic, or as a friend of ours put it, like you’re on a movie set. You’ll get a sense of it in the pictures.

Pics from the Portugal Trip

And, though K insists no one watches these, you’re getting a non-Ruben vista video anyway. I have officially become my father:

As far as the boy, here’s one of him enjoying his favorite object/word:

And, my only defense here is I have been watching the Itouch commercials and forgot you can’t rotate videos as you are taking them. Yes, I am an idiot:


1 Response to “Ruben Day 670– Portugal”

  1. 1 Yutaka Saturday, 20 December, 2008 at 09:08

    I’ve totally done that with video, too… you get used to going vertical with a still camera and forget that video doesn’t work like that.

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