Ruben day 726– master of his domain

Ruben is fast approaching birthday number two, and we’re throwing a bday party for him this coming weekend. 4-6 two year olds with toys and sugar. And a cake with a car on it. Simple.

You know it’s interesting. As Ruben has grown older, I’ve grown to like him. I mean, obviously I love him in both a genuine and obligatory sense…he is after all, my son. But as he’s developing a personality and preferences, some aspects of which I may not always enjoy (e.g., the low-level whining), I find myself enjoying spending time with him and looking forward to it. Granted, much of it is watching him get lost in his world of cars, but it’s time spent together nevertheless.

I guess it’s an unanticipated benefit of parenthood. If you’re lucky, you end up with a kid you like, and you get one more buddy to hang out with. I like my buddy.

Beware of the addictive time waster: Filler

Have managed to see many of the critically acclaimed movies of the past year this month (thanks internet; sorry movie industry). Quickie thoughts (no particular order):

1. The Wrestler– a fantastic movie, but just like Aronofsky’s last film (Requiem for a Dream), one I don’t think I can sit through ever again. Rourke was indeed Oscar-worthy. And I can’t believe Marisa Tomei is 44.

2. Slumdog Millionaire– ethnic bias aside, my favorite movie of the year. So much fun. I hope it wins.

3. Benjamin Button– aptly renamed by the Sports Guy–Benjamin Snooze Button. Not a terrible movie, but slow and long and so similar to Forrest Gump. How on earth is it getting such good press?

4. Frost/Nixon– very good. Like Slumdog, does a great job of roping you in even when you know how it’s going to end. And Sam Rockwell was born to play the 1970’s.

5. Gran Torino– enjoyable. Clint Eastwood given free reign to use every ethnic slur possible in two hours. The Asian actors gave uneven performances (my view) or bad performances (DPK’s)…though she qualifies that it’s likely an ESL issue…Penelope Cruz syndrome (great in Spanish, bleh in English). But no doubt a good movie; way better than snooze button.

Nothing too exciting in the following video. Ruben has played with this moving “animal train” for quite some time, but only recently has decided it should obey his verbal and physical commands. Although it’s amusing Ruben doesn’t understand the toy’s limitations, it’s also cool he’s learned that some things are generally responsive to his demands (e.g., parents and relatives). It’s a good life.


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