Ruben Day 750— now I know my A, B, Hchees

Mr. Ruben continues to impress and amaze us. He can repeat most anything now, and you can really see him trying to understand things in more than a cursory way. Wide-eyed doesn’t even begin to describe it.

One recent skill he’s acquired is counting. I’ve dubbed it pseudo-Fibonacci, since he usually enumerates: 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9.

What’s interesting about the counting is the incremental manner in which Ruben discovers the existence of categories. At first, he was limited to cars and blocks, but he’s now figuring out that any number of things can be defined as a “category”, and can thus be countable. Fascinating how that works.

It’s also interesting that Ruben feels no need to count things in order, even when laid out nicely in front of him by his overbearing father…

Ruben has also picked up most of his A, B, C’s. His pronunciation is off in a few cases–most adorably with his phlegmy, male pronoun version of “C”–but he’s able to reliably identify and say most letters, presented in order or at random. I’m very pleased. Of course when we try to sit him down and get it on video the result is more overbearing dad with boy who’d rather spin the tiles than perform on command. At least he remembers to end with Z on a high note and continue into “now I know my”…or his version of it. Enjoy:


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