Ruben Day 823– Welcome to Rohan

Ruben’s alternative title: It’s the end of the world as he knows it…

We vacuumed…er…welcomed Rohan Oliver Krishna into the world on 2 May at 1625. Like his older brother (and old man), his abnormally large head made delivery a challenge, but mama and baby made it through just fine.

There’s no particular story behind the name, though several key points of note:

1. Rohan is pronounced like it’s spelled (rhymes with dawn, or Wrath of Khan).

2. The possibility of being called Han (as in Solo) was not a deciding factor…but it didn’t hurt.

3. Oliver, besides being my German name in conversation class, means he gets the acronym ROK. This too was not a deciding factor…but it didn’t hurt.

4. Rohan in Sanskrit means “ascending”, and Oliver can mean either “Elf Army” or “peace, as in, Olive tree”. Though the peace angle is cool, Ascending Elf Army Krishna is clearly cooler.

5. The possibility of earning premature playground respect with “Don’t mess with the Rohan” was in fact a deciding factor, at least for one of us…

Key stats:
21 inches (54 cm)
8lbs 4 oz (3750 gm)
15.5 inch head circumfrence (39.3 cm)

The Germans often say “Ende gut, alles gut” (all’s well that ends well). The birth was not easy, by any stretch (pun intended). But Kirstin was a superstar through it all. Ruben, Rohan and I are very lucky to have such a wonderful mama.

Ruben has so far taken the “this is not happening” approach. On some level, I can’t blame him. Allow me to elaborate:

I’m typing this in the hospital room (hooray for wireless), hoping I don’t wake the (currently) slumbering cherub. I’m obviously very excited to have Rohan in my life (I suspect many second-time parents quietly lament how they can possibly have room to love one more. It seems once you meet the new one, you quickly realize, you just do).

On the other hand, I do hope this one sleeps a bit more consistently (to start) than Mr. Ruben. It really was an exhausting and humbling first few months with him. With each whimper and twitch of baby Rohan, I find myself more attracted to Ruben’s “sit in the opposite corner of the room with his cars” approach. Bottom line, I hope this one loves sleep as much as his parents do.

Anyway, new adventures to come. Pics and videos later this week.


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