Pics of Rohan

Fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and any other anti-jinx caveats noted, Rohan has proven surprisingly easy to manage thus far. We put him to bed around 930pm, and we end up waking him up around 430am to feed. Not a peep out of him during the night. About the only time he cries is when we change his diaper and outfit and need to strip him naked…which is happening multiple times a day because of hyper-regular bowels and/or being “pointed” the wrong way. Even then, he doesn’t cry about being soaked, only about the changing process.

Truth be told, he does fuss some during the day, especially as feeding time approaches. But given the nighttime tranquility (finger, wood, yada yada), I can handle occasional daytime cacophony. And honestly, compared to the traumatic howls of Mr. Ruben’s first several months, I’m finding Rohan’s cries disturbingly unbothersome. Ruben has immunized me to the minor discomforts Rohan may be feeling.

Ruben, on the other hand, is definitely struggling with the adjustment. Rohan’s arrival happens to coincide with Ruben showing an increase in tantrums and otherwise common two-year old behavior, and the divided attention has only served to exacerbate matters. On the bright side though, I am convinced Ruben is really trying to like the idea of a brother–as much as a two year old can do so– in that he is offering to share his cars with Rohan, and often wants to pet and stroke his brother’s head. That the pats often turn to thwacks has more to do with Ruben’s excitability, I think, than any overt malice.

There will be overt malice of course. After all, they are brothers. I’ll just try to mediate until #2 can defend himself. Given his current intake and growth rate, it might not be that far away.

But on the whole Ruben is adjusting as well as can be expected. We’re lucky to have my parents and K’s sis here, which means there’s no shortage of attention-givers for our tasmanian devil.

Anyway, here are selected pics from Rohan’s first week.

Rohan’s first week


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