Ruben and Rohan May 2009

Three weeks under our belt and all is well so far. Rohan isn’t quite sleeping as well as those first glorious (and hope-inflating) days, but he’s still getting about a five hour stretch each night. Plus, the summer sunlight makes things seem not quite as bleak at 5AM. Of course, it’s only been a few weeks, we’ve had lots of help, and I went to England for a few days last week. Perhaps I should give it another couple of weeks before declaring victory.

I’m happy to report three of my closest friends from childhood and college all had babies in May as well. Although it’s highly unlikely (and most regrettable) the four offspring will end up spending substantive time together, their arrivals made for an exciting month, and gave my buddies and I an excuse to talk regularly. Granted, we all stay in cursory touch, but remaining truly connected is near-impossible when distance, and quite frankly, life gets in the way. Anyway, it’s only going to be harder now that we all have infants, but it’s been a fun and nostalgic month, and Rohan, Melia, Devika and James are going to hear about it ad nauseum whether they like it or not.

Ruben is slowly adjusting. He behaves in a most conflicted manner, interspersing kisses and affection for his little brother with tantrums and other regressive, attention-seeking behavior. His frustration actually reflects real intellectual milestones though…it’s clear Ruben understands the interloper poses a threat, but that direct attack on his part will be met with swift and severe consequences. As much as I’d like Ruben to accept and enjoy his little brother, I understand his reticence and can’t blame him.

Of course, Ruben still has a lot to learn. For example, he’s still at an age where he thinks his dad can fix things, asking for dada whenever something is broken. I’m hoping it lasts a few more years before he discovers his dad, though sporty, is a bookish sort.

Ruben’s rapidly maturing brain, and corresponding verbal skills, also manifest themselves in more heartwrenching ways. The other night he woke up with terrified screams, and was curled up on one side of his crib. When I walked in, he pointed to the other side and repeated “bug! bug! over there!”. Ruben currently oscillates between excitement and terror towards bugs (depending on their movement and trajectory; land-bound stationary good, flying unpredictably bad). We have a bit of a moth problem in the house, so I’m not sure if he actually saw/felt one, or dreamt it. Regardless, he could verbalize what he was afraid of, which wasn’t an issue before. I liked it a lot better when his waking up crying could be attributed to more enigmatic causes.

Parenthood is all about feeling helpless. How do you explain to your two-year old that not all bugs are bad? BEEts me.

Two videos. First video from DPK, who is visiting and provided her own fail-to-rotate classic. Note K committing the cardinal parenting sin of telling the child what you don’t want them to do (which invariably leads to them doing it).

And second, video of Rohan getting a bath before his Thotil (birth ceremony). Note especially my newfound use of the obnoxious Youtube annotations feature. Best.


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