Ruben and Rohan- June 2009

Seven weeks in and we’re plugging away. To my chagrin, Rohan has turned into a more normal infant, so we’re back to sleep deprivation with multiple wake-ups each night. It’s not as bad as with Ruben, but nevertheless we find ourselves occasionally lapsing into zombie-like behavior during the day.

For example, I left my keys in the car last week–very out of character. And today, Kirstin returned home with sweet treat: a tart for her, and an empty bag that once contained a Berliner donut for me, which she apparently was holding upside down and thus managed to deposit on the street for some lucky dog or desperate drunk. Ich bin kein Berliner…

Random observations:

Although I’m not particularly enamoured with Kobe and this version of the Lakers, with Kobe adopting the cartoonish super-frown after big shots, he’s completed his transformation into my all-time favorite video game character.

Recently finished “Home Game”, by Michael Lewis (the guy who wrote Moneyball, Liar’s Poker, etc.). It’s a book about fatherhood, and all the things you’re supposed to feel contrasted with how it really works. Highly recommended for current or future dads.

Picture time…My sis visited for a week and got a number of good pics.

And here are a few more from the last few weeks: June 2009 Pics

As far as the video, several points to note:

–Conflicted brother Ruben affectionately holds the bottle for his brother, all while wrestling fratricidal demons. Jealousy, thy name is sibling.

— Thinking first that I’m taking a picture, Ruben adopts his patented squishy face smile.

— Ruben has sung the ABC song about a thousand times in the last month (mostly unprompted), and is clearly over it. It’s so evident he’s mailing in this performance I almost expected him to check his watch in the middle and say “geez dad, that’s so May 2009″.

— His annunciation is better than he lets on here, though he has a few quirks. Q is coon, W is daba. Random.

And for the record, have done the better part of this post with one hand, as I try to rock the restless Rohan to sleep on my lap. Sleep deprivation is fine when it’s self-inflicted; otherwise…well, it’s a tired guy sitting in the dark losing feeling in his right leg but unable to move for fear of rousing the (currently) slumbering beast, blogging in part to pass the time.

But in spite of the absurdity of my current state, I love it. Partly for the sheer challenge of it, I’m sure. Nevertheless, all those parenting books with new families frolicking in idyllic meadows ought to consider including a shot of someone pretzeled like I am at the moment. Just saying.


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