Ruben and Rohan July 2009

Just a quick post before we head to the states for vacation. Steve, Conny, Linnea and Mateo visited last weekend, and we had a great time. Linnea and Ruben are now old enough to play with and against each other. Right now Linnea is the crafty instigator (being four months older has its advantages) while Ruben is a gentle giant, not realizing he’s got the size to fight back if he so chose. So when she’s in the mood, Linnea works Ruben over with toy-stealing and other barbs until he bursts into tears. Classic stuff.

That’s the minority of the time though. Mostly, they are thick as thieves, which is really fun to see.

Rohan has a great temperament during the day, with lots of smiling and cooing. At night, he does have his Mr. Hyde bouts, so I have to keep reminding myself during those dark moments of the Jekyll inside. Overall, he’s progressing nicely.

Here are various pics from the past couple of weeks: July 2009 Pics

As far as the video, antics while Ruben and Linnea enjoy a fine repast.


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