August 2009– Trip to the states

We had a great time in the states last month. It was by no means an easy trip however, between jet lag, and various plane and car rides, but we had lots of support and it was wonderful to catch up with so many friends and family.

To no one’s surprise, the boys are sprouting quickly. Rohan is approximately 66 cm (26 in) and 7.1 kg (15 lbs). 97th and 90th percentile respectively. Ruben is 99 cm (3 ft 3 in), at least according to the giraffe chart in his room.

We are knee deep–not literally– into Ruben’s potty training. He’s been going–literally– for a week, and seems to have #1 down. Unfortunately, having watched dada take care of such business standing up (using the awesome built-in urinal w/ lid in our apartment), Ruben prefers this method as well. Fortunately, he is so darn tall he can actually do so into our toilet without a problem. As DPK says, he’s a giant–it’s not normal.

#2 on the other hand is proving problematic. After successful, ahem, deposits the first two days, Ruben has become frightened of the process and now holds it in with all his might, until he finally breaks down and lets loose wherever he happens to be. Although the mess is sufficiently gross, what’s really disturbing is the embarrassment and distress the boy feels as it happens. I would not have pictured a two year old so clearly feeling shame, but there is no doubt as you watch him struggle. Very sad.

The current reward incentives (shark stamps and gummi bears), though attractive, are apparently not enough to get him back on the toilet, at least yet. We’re still early in the process though. And otherwise, the boy is in great form, with a conversation explosion the last few weeks.

The states were not good on Rohan’s sleep patterns, and thus on ours as well. In addition, K got sick, and the cumulative effect left us feeling unreasonably spent for much of the trip. Baby’s jet lag on return was rough as well, but we’ve gone full steam into sleep training, and he’s settled in nicely, sleeping b/w 9-11 hours at night without interruption for the last week. His daytime naps still leave much to be desired, but in my mind this is a welcome trade-off.

Rohan is both strong and obsessed with the world around him, to the point that he wants to sit up most of the time, even though he can’t really hold the position on his own just yet. And, he’s already started rolling over from back to front (which usually comes much later), so he can then look better at what’s going on around him.

Here’s an assortment of pictures of us and many of our family and friends in North Carolina, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Thanks to everyone who made our trip both manageable and fun.

2009 Trip to the States Pics

And of course several videos for your enjoyment. First up, the beautiful Colchester Causeway, a four mile trail nee railroad line jutting into Lake Champlain. Beautiful at this time of year:

Next, we live on a pedestrian only road so we have a five minute walk from our parking spot. On Sunday mornings, as shops are closed and Saturday night revelers are fast asleep, the street is peaceful and empty. After our weekly trip to the (American) grocery, I let Ruben run home, and I’m proud to say he can really motor.

Finally, some lullaby time with baby Rohan as he winds down for night night.


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