October 2009

Apologies for the downtime. Since I’m able to post with more immediacy on facebook it takes away from my motivation to do longer posts here. Plus, I’ve stayed fairly busy as I adjust to life at home (verdict so far: awesome). My Foreign Service interview is next month, so I’ll know fairly soon whether the full-time fathering is going to be a short-term or longer-term endeavor. I’m really hoping I pass, but on the other hand, the fall back option– Ruben’s tantrums notwithstanding– is quite palatable as well.

The boys are developing nicely. We’ve reached detente with potty training, as Ruben generally asks for a diaper with #2, and does just fine using the toilet (or the nearest tree) with #1. He has used the toilet a couple of times though, as you’ll see below.

Ruben’s verbal skills are increasing rapidly, albeit humorously. Conversation earlier this month:

Ruben: Mine. I want it.
Anand: What?
R: This one (pointing in the direction of 100 things).
A: Which one?
R: THIS one (pointing more emphatically).
A: You have to use words Ruben. You have to say what it is.
A: Sigh.

Rohan has a great temperament and is showing the telltale signs of a second born, crawling early and generally being mesmerized by all things big bro. Ruben is slowly, albeit begrudgingly taking to sharing, and usually treats lil bro nicely, other than occasionally sitting or lying on top of him. For this, I can’t really blame Ruben, given my longstanding tendency to do the same to my loved ones.

This first video shows Ruben on the throne. One of the many videos he’ll thank me for posting years from now.

Although I’ve been singing to the boys for some time, only now is Ruben old enough to start having preferences (beyond appreciating when I say “car”). It’s rather endearing the eclectic mix of songs he seems to like (influenced of course by dad’s eclectic taste). That should explain the progression from show tunes to the Pixies. And thank the flu mist for my nasally, tuneless effort.

For the third video, a couple of notes:

1. Observe the awesome mini hoop in the background– have been waiting several years to have an excuse again to play ball in the house. With no one living downstairs at the moment, and Rohan curiously pacified by my shots on those rare occasions he gets grumpy, I’m forced to take full advantage.

2. Such a nice, if short-lived moment when the boys are playing quietly and harmoniously. Right after filming, I showed it to Ruben, who watched intently until he saw what Rohan was doing, and immediately ran over to snatch his toys back.


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