Mosquitoes 2, AK 0

Given my penchant for both illnesses and mosquito bites, and having lived in India over a year, I was fully expecting an undesirable diagnosis, but not like this: “So you don’t have malaria or dengue…you have malaria AND dengue!”*

Curiously, I’ve felt better ever since. I’d been bedridden for 36 hours, with a severe headache and delusional (sadly, I didn’t write down any of my semi-lucid ideas, but they seemed really great at the time). Recovered from that, and awaiting blood test results, I’d spent the day at work, not feeling “right” but actually quite functional (if watching clips of the comedy troupe we’d brought over counts as work). In a comparative sense I felt great…like the proverbial hand feels after you stop hitting it with a hammer.

When I heard the diagnosis, I felt a release. “Two diseases and that’s the worst of it? That wasn’t so bad.” Granted, who knows how it will ebb and flow. I started the malaria treatment and my stomach isn’t great. But really, in my world that’s par for the course.

* I’ve taken artistic license with the diagnosis conversation, since it’s much funnier for a medical professional to reveal it this way, not that they ever would. The actual conversation centered more on how and why I was at work.

As far as mosquitoes, we continue to have a love-hate relationship. They love me; I hate them. Rohan, unfortunately, seems equally attractive and allergic (swelling up and scratching incessantly). Ruben seems to have escaped this fate, thank goodness. The worst part though– my inclination (as with Shirish and finger pokes) would be to say “bite away vile creatures; what more can you give me?”. But of course, the jerks can take from me and infect the rest of the house, so long pants and socks continue as my mismatched tropical attire.

Yes, like a lurking disease, this blog has lain dormant for a couple of years. Those new to the page should note, I used to post regularly about the boys, including pics and videos, and occasionally spun good yarns like this. But as with many things, when it started feeling like work, I stopped. Not foolish enough to promise anything regular just yet, but I may as well write a bit now since I’ve been ordered to “rest”.

In a nutshell, I joined the foreign service in 2010, we moved to Chennai in 2011, and infectious diseases aside, am really enjoying it. I work in our public affairs section liaising with press and media in South India. I get to work on cool projects on education, senior visitors, and other topics of direct personal interest.

There are lots of jobs where people joke “I can’t believe they pay me to do this”. In my case, I’m tasked to read several newspapers every morning and otherwise scour the net for relevant news; I do lots of writing and editing, including ample opportunity for puns; I sometimes speak with authority and answer questions in front of crowds (regardless of actual expertise); and I get to travel regularly and meet interesting people and learn about different cultures, both for work and on holiday. I leave it to you, dear reader(s) to decide if the shoe fits.

I owe a post on K’s adventures here and of course our eponymous bloggers themselves. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take another two years and a viral trifecta to generate that…

1/14– Here’s part 2 and the 2011 Summary


3 Responses to “Mosquitoes 2, AK 0”

  1. 1 Tom & Leslie Saturday, 14 January, 2012 at 18:12

    Thanks for the news, although we are sorry to hear about the illness and hoope you will recover quickly without sequelae.

    Best wishes to all of you,

    Love, Tom & Leslie

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