A disjointed review of 2011

If you missed part one of this dramatic saga, please click here

All is reasonably well on the home front. To the extent I don’t feel 100%, I can’t differentiate between illness and awareness of illness. Also, it turns out K did have dengue first, and while she suffered through fevers, and had the telltale rash, she wasn’t knocked out the way I was. Then again, her immune system tends to be better than my Faud-like entity (and she didn’t test positive for malaria). But as a result, I’m a bit less inclined to limp around when I see a fellow “dengoid” zipping along with daily tasks.

Coincidentally, I was finishing “the Emperor of All Maladies”, a book about cancer, during this recent saga, which likely hasn’t helped with any speculations about illness. It’s otherwise a great book, written for the layperson (or the former science major decades removed from his ineffectual studies).

Wisely, I’m shifting away from the terminal illness genre, now taking it easy with the last dragon tattoo book (print) and one on the “greatest game ever played”, Duke-Kentucky 1992 (on the ipad, when I can wrestle it away from Rohan).

Speaking of the ipad, Rohan (age 2.5) is fluent with the touchscreen and swiping, cruising through his letter and matching apps with ease. He’s currently tapping at my 2010 100Gb laptop screen without effect and looking at me like I’m some sort of dinosaur.

Of course I’m able to operate the ipad without leaving behind disgusting puddles of drool on it, so I maintain some semblance of superiority for now.

Mr. Ruben, soon to be five years old (!!), is on a big boy trip with his patti and tha tha to Coimbatore to visit some relatives. He’s away for a week, which is the longest he’s been separated from his bro. Rohan is definitely feeling the effect, asking plaintively “where’s Ruby”, since he has no one around to irritate and then beat on when he gets mad. Older brothers are handy for such pastimes. Ruben is otherwise impossibly lanky, and spends much of his time building increasingly elaborate structures for his cars and trains to navigate.

K just enjoyed a week of revelry here with four good college friends. As we didn’t see them in Japan or Germany, their visit was a pleasant surprise (he noted, subtly jabbing at his friends). Other than minor stomach issues the gang passed their India test with flying colors. Actually, given their hosts’ dengoid dealings, the visitors were comparative pillars of health.

We enter 2012 with anticipation. We are due to rotate later in the year, moving first to DC for training, and then to Mexico City for my next assignment. One of my reasons for wanting to join the foreign service was the prospect of moving every few years. Given I’d started feeling stale after a few years in each preceding job, I was attracted to a built-in mechanism for rejuvenation. As our first shift approaches I can see departure timings won’t always coincide with personal readiness to depart, but I do like that the looming departure gives me additional incentive to get some things done that would otherwise languish in the proverbial “pending” file.

K, after doing full-time parenting (in a place decidedly more challenging than my idyllic stint in Heidelberg), is ready to work again. We are hopeful teaching positions will open up for her in Mexico.

Ruben is looking at kindergarten this fall, which seems impossible when I watch videos like this. And Rohan will have to adjust to not being completely doted over, as he is by family, friends, staff and strangers alike here in India. Lots of fun in store for all of us.

Photo and video time:

1. First, here’s a snapshot of some of the things we did in 2011: 2011 Krishna family slideshow.

2. On the work side, some of the the cool programs we did in South India the last year. If you look closely you’ll see it wasn’t just Ruben who got close to the Secretary: Consulate Chennai Highlights of 2011

3. And finally one video about a project that nicely connected my former work in academia with what I do now, promoting mutual understanding and exchange between the U.S. and other countries: International Education Week Video


3 Responses to “A disjointed review of 2011”

  1. 1 Lisa Monday, 16 January, 2012 at 21:09

    We can’t wait to see you all in Mexico! And tell K not to worry, there are *tons* of teaching jobs available.

  2. 2 Stickers Tuesday, 17 January, 2012 at 08:37

    It’s so great to hear from you and I’m very glad you both survived. I hope I can join the list of friends that come visit, everywhere you move (unless it’s Tennessee).

  1. 1 Mosquitoes 2, AK 0 « The Chronicles of Ruben and Rohan Trackback on Saturday, 14 January, 2012 at 13:24

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