Sports, that fickle beast

It’s been a good sports-watching month, particularly for tennis. Between the Chennai Open earlier this month, and the Australian Open happening roughly in our time zone, we’re enjoying high quality matches and watching them at a reasonable hour. I’m not quite the sports nut I was in my youth, so no more getting up at 2AM unless the Seahawks are in the playoffs (yes, in other words, no more getting up at 2AM. very funny). Instead, I have enjoyed latching onto local favorites and/or time zone-convenient options (sumo in Japan, soccer in Germany, cricket and tennis here).

On the other hand, it’s been a poor sports-playing stretch, both pre and post dengue. I managed to participate in our local tennis tournament today (kudos to Kataneh for organizing!). I knew about two games into my first match that I was in trouble, and crashed out in both singles and doubles. Even though I don’t feel sick, I have minimal endurance these days and spent most of my matches feeling uncoordinated and slow. On the other hand, dengue didn’t make me miss all those easy forehands, as much as I’d like to believe it.

Further helping me to rationalize my shabby performance, I lost to a professional soccer player, who’s visiting family and doing cool things while in country:

Joanna Lohman and Lianne Sanderson changing lives

In other sports news, I’m winning my football pool for the first time in ages, one game ahead with just the super bowl to play. Unfortunately this has given me two solid weeks to second guess my SB pick and try to outwit 2nd place Carmen, who manages to win with irritating regularity.

One of the perks of Consulate life is brushes with interesting and accomplished people. On Wednesday I had tea with Howard Gardner and attended his public lecture at IIT Madras. Gardner, as you may know, is famous for Multiple Intelligences theory. Though my area of cognitive psychology was far afield from his work, I always considered his research particularly appealing, and god knows I lectured about MI enough in all those Intro Psych classes. I even used his work as the basis for a speech I wrote for International Education Week at the Consulate last year. So it was great to meet him, as well as wife Ellen Winner, an accomplished Psychologist in her own right. It turns out Ellen hired my dove-bar eating colleague Jef, who just had his second child (welcome Hazel!). It’s a small world indeed. And now I’m craving a dove bar.

Then, later that same day I ended up at a party hanging out with Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya. The advantage of a comparative sleepy-town like Chennai is small frys like myself get to pretend we are medium frys, at least for a few years.

We’re having a birthday brunch for Ruben tomorrow. Once again Lightning McQueen is making an appearance on the cake. I’ll post pictures of the big boy and friends this week.


1 Response to “Sports, that fickle beast”

  1. 1 Casey Monday, 30 January, 2012 at 10:12

    Hello? HELLLLO?

    Hell of an echo in here, eh?

    At any rate … I’ve also seen enough ‘Lightnin’ in my house for a lifetime. From the potty training stool that i have to empty to the birthday cake that I have to eat —- full circle, so to speak.

    That coupled with the losing to Carmen is about all i can take at the moment. Almost as painful as watching a 6 hour tennis match (made it through the 4th set and gave up…).


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